Academy of Thai Yoga Massage

Academy of Thai-Yoga Massage THE SUNSHINE NETWORK JAPAN is one of the branches of UTTS (Ministry of Public Health in Nonthaburi, Thailand), headed by KAORI ENDO in Japan.

Our network offers high class trainings and support for both private massage therapists as well as well established massage schools to advance their services. 

No matter which Massage style you’re currently trained in we take you into new dimensions accrediting you through various Thai certificates.

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Our Thai certificate Courses are passed on by real Masters

Teaching fee costs 10000JPY/hour in Japan: 3000THB/hour in Thailand: for all Thai citizens 1000THB/hour extra not including accommodation, transport, food. To attain Thai certification a certificate fee of 10000JPY /3000THB will be due. For best results we only allow a maximum number of 4-10 students per one Instructor


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Our mission is to get evidences of Sen Kalathari according to researcher KAORI ENDO.

Kaori has been researching Sen lines of Thai tradition with many Thai Masters since 2000.

The most interesting line is called SEN KALATHARI (กาลทารี Ga-La-Ta-Lee) which is the unique energy line of Thai traditional medicine.

Comparable to other traditional medicines like Indian Ayurveda, Chinese acupuncture or Japanese Shiatsu.


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Kaori Endo is the director of UTTS and has built many connections with Thai traditions in Thailand and all over the world…


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Welcome and visit us at our new office in Chiang Mai. We just moved in. It’s near 3 Baht Noodle. Just tell your Taxi/Grab the following: Naisuan House(หอพัก ในสวน) 3/7/104 รตนรกสินทร์ ชอย1 ตําบล ตําบล วัดเกต เมือง เชียงใหม่

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Wat Ket, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand.



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