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Kaori was born in Yokohama, Japan. Ever since she was little she was troubled with skin diseases. She finally found that traditional Thai Yoga massage is the most suited for her health. Over 20 years and more than 3000 training hours with the greatest Masters later she became a powerful Master herself sharing her gifts with the world.

Master Chaiyuth was also one of the masters of Asokananda, who was the best Western researcher of Thai Yoga massage in the 20th century.

Asokananda taught Thai Yoga Massage to many students across the world and created the Sunshine Network. Before he passed away, Asokananda offered a special masters course.  Few masters should emerge from his course, Kaori was the one and only


Kaori was the last student of Master Chaiyuth Priyasith. Master Chaiyuth influenced new waves of Thai massage which were developed by Westerns after his transformation as Ostheothai, Dynamic, Chinestsang mixed up with other traditions. 

Master Chaiyuth is widely recognized as one of the few great Masters of Thai massage of the 20th century

Chaiyuth Priyasith

Trainings & Qualifications

After Kaori’s two important Masters (Master Chaiyuth and Asokananda) passed away, Kaori Endo established the Academy of Thai Yoga Massage/The Sunshine Network Japan to continue their spiritual legacy by will of Master Chaiyuth. 

Graducation from the College of Nutrition NANBA, Japan
Certified in more than 15 Traditional Thai Massage Traditions (2400 hours)
Total Trained hours in Thai traditional Massage > 3000 hours in 20 years
Certified Gendai Reiki Master, Aura-Soma® practitioner, Natural Therapies Master Practitioner
Director of UTTS (Ministry of Public Health in Nonthaburi, Bangkok Thailand)

With more than 3000 hours of training in Traditional Thai Massage, Kaori has attained an experience only few Masters in this world can match. 

Curious from whom she all learned?

1998     Graduation from the College of Nutrition NANBA, Japan

1998     Certificate of Nutrition by the Kanagawa prefecture, Yokohama, Japan

1999     Certificate of Instructors at the Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation, Japan

2002     Certificate in Traditional Thai Massage, The Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand 30hours(repeated many time180hours) with Khun Sarmat.

2002     Certificate levels 1 to 4 in Sen Therapy Nuad bo-Rarn Thai Massage, issued by International Training Massage (ITM), Chiang Mai, Thailand with Khun Chongkol 120hours

2002    Certificate as Teacher Trainer for Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage, levels 5 and 6, ITM, Thailand Thailand with Khun Chongkol 60hours

2002    Certificate of Foot massage, The Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand 30hours 

2002    Certificate in Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy, The Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand with Khun Sarmat 30hours

2002  Aura-Soma® level1 with Hitomi Imamura by Aura-Soma Academy in England,UK

2002  Aura-Soma® level2 with Hitomi Imamura by Aura-Soma Academy in England,UK

2003   Certificate of Gendai Reiki master practitioner, level 4,

Honda Natural Therapy Center (direct line of Master Usui) Yokohama, Japan

2003   Certificate in traditional Thai massage, The Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand 30hours

2003   Certificate in Lek Chaiya Traditional Thai Nerve-Touch Massage (basic course), Lek Chaiya, Chiang Mai, Thailand with Mama Lek 30hours

2004   Certificate in Traditional Thai Yoga massage, The Sunshine Network, Chiang Mai, Thailand by Asokananda 60hours

2004   Certificate in Infant and Child Massage, The Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand 21hours

2004  Aura-Soma® level3 with Hitomi Imamura by Aura-Soma Academy in England,UK

2004  Thai Yoga massage Master, learned from Asokananda (Sunshine Network) 750hours

2004  Natural Therapies Master Practitioner, certified by the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Incorporated Writing about benefits of Thai traditional massage in Japan.

2005   Certificate as Teacher Trainer for Thai yoga massage, issued by Asokananda, The Sunshine Network, Chiang Mai, Thailand 90hours

2005  Private Training  by Laurino Beltteli Side position 120hours

2006   Certificate in Massage for Women’s Health Care, The Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok 30hours

2006   Certificate in Oil Massage and Aromatherapy, The Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok 30hours

2006   Training course Thai Massage meets Osteopathy, The Sunshine Massage School, Chiang Mai, Thailand with Arnaud L’Hermitte 60hours

2008   BridgreTraining Course Aura-Soma® by Aura-Soma Academy

2013   Teacher Training with Laurino Beltteli in Chaing Rai, Thailand168hrs

2013  Rocking style /private training (what I have learned with Ajarng Chaiyuth/ Showing it by friend ships with Laurino Belteli in Kumamoto, Japan 72hours

2016   Advanced Thai massage course Thai Acupressure For Orthopedic Disorders as Instructed by the Wat Po School, Bangkok by Noam Tyroler, Sunshine Massage School Chiang Mai, Thailand 60hours

2016   Advanced Thai massage course Thai Massage Treatment Protocols in Pregnancy and Labor by Noam Tyroler, Sunshine Massage School Chiang Mai, Thailand 18hours

2017   Thai Massage and Ayurveda Therapy by Kam Thye Chow, Sunshine Massage School Chiang Mai, Thailand 30hours

2017   SUPATTRA with Mr.NAT, Thai Traditional Blind Massage Center Chiang Mai Thailand 18hrs

2017  Royal style with Khun Peak (Sittiporn Songsataya) in Chiang Mai Thailand 18hrs

2018   Teacher training with Itzhak Helman in Chinag Rai Thailand 336hrs

2018  Oil massage and body scrub course at TTC SPA School Koh Chang 45hrs

2018  Human Anatomy Practice for massage at the Anatomy Laboratory, Chulalongkorn University 6hours

2018  Thai Massage Lecture and Wellness Business Management by UTTS 37hrs

2018  Director of UTTS (Ministry of Public Health in Nonthaburi, Bangkok Thailand)

2018  Ajarng Ping (Mr. Panyawat Tungchitmanotham) Thai Massage Professional Pun-Cha-Ma-Phu-Ta (5 Primary Elements) Thai Ancient Healing Massage since December 13

TOTAL TRAINED HOURS in the field of Thai traditional massage with Certificates include Private lessons total around 3000hrs in 20 years

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Today Kaori offers her gifts and experience through various ways & services

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Harumi Sasaki — “Actually it was very painful in my case, but it was the first experience for me to feel the exhilarating feeling after treatment, as it was clearly poisoned not only from the body , but also from the mind. Her concentration during the treatment was so great! It felt like she was interacting with something hidden behind my body."
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Vinccent A. Hunihan — “I am 66 years old and have had a lot of body work all over the world. I’ve never met anyone with the 'touch' Kaori has! Her Treatments were the most powerful for me. Her touch is totally intuitive. I asked her once an anatomic question when she was working on me. She giggled and said that she did not know! She just follows the Energy lines that need attention. I don't think that is something you learn in a book. Kaori has the 'gift'! Kaori is a hands on healer."
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Masaharu Yukimoto — “I am a man in my 60s. Recently, I received Kaori's massage for about 40 minutes. There was no pain at all, and it was a dreamy feeling due to the comfort of the touch. And I was surprised to measure my blood pressure 2-3 days later. The blood pressure that had exceeded 140 had dropped to 110. My blood sugar level almost in the range of diabetes seemed to have fallen, and I am in a good shape after that. I would like to receive Kaori's massage regularly."
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Atcharin Chanhom — “Kaori Endo เป็นหมอนวดแผนไทยชาวญี่ปุ่น ที่มีความสามารถและความรู้ในการรักษาคนไข้ด้วยการนวดแผนไทยระดับสูง Kaori มีความใส่ใจลูกค้ามากๆ ซึ่งชมภู่ ไม่เคยได้รับการดูแลรักษาด้วยหมดนวดระดับฝีมือขั้นสูงแบบนี้มาก่อน และยังมีการผสมผสานด้วยการทำสมาธิ ให้เราผ่อนคลายก่อน และหลังการรักษา ชมพู่ ขอแนะนำให้ท่านมาใช้บริการนวดแผนไทยกับ Kaori Endo แล้วจะติดใจ จริงๆค่ะ”
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Chris Mueller — “Doing Bodywork for years I consider myself very body aware. But I've never experienced anything like Kaoris Massages. I didn't even think it is possible for Massage to reach so deep. She opened me through her magical touch even spiritually and emotionally. Everyone who's looking to go deep, she is the Best. A true Master of her craft!"


But Kaori wouldn't be without her amazing team & partners!

We at Naga Indigenous Natural Therapy and Academy of Thai-Yoga Massage value people over everything. Our high standards, dedication and the magic of touch are embodied in all our people.


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