We at Naga International do things differently. All our services have to meet our own highest standards & values. From a massage treatment to in depth Thai Massage Certificate Courses and Memberships we always act with nature, spirit & environment in alignment.  

Our Thai certificate Courses are passed on by real Masters

Teaching fee costs 10000JPY/hour in Japan: 3000THB/hour in Thailand: for all Thai citizens 1000THB/hour extra not including accommodation, transport, food. To attain Thai certification a certificate fee of 10000JPY /3000THB will be due. For best results we only allow a maximum number of 4-10 students per one Instructor

We’re certified

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Below you find an arrangement of our beginner/intermediate courses…

Basic Course Thai Massage

60 hours

Foot Massage, Reflexology Course

60 hours

Oil Massage, Aromatherapy Massage

60 hours

Below you find an arrangement of our courses for those who want to become an instructor with Naga International…

Thai Massage Instructor course

378/372* hours

Essential Course for Basic Thai Certificate

30 days / 180 hours

Essential Course Thai Yoga & Breathing (private course only on request)

5 days / 30 hours

You hold a certificate in your own field (372 hours) or you search for an assistance until  you get enough hours after 378 hours? Reach out to us. It’s possible to cross over courses of chosen Thai school certificates. A Master course with us will also give you the chance to send your patients to Chiang Mai for lab research. 

Master Course

750 hours

Below you find an arrangement of our special and unique courses…

Chavutti Thirummal Origin of Thai Tradition

5 days / 30 hours in August Shizuoka, Japan

Chavutti Thirummal Facilitator Assistance

10 days / 60 hours

Additional Introduction to Thai Association

+ 4 days in Bangkok- Thailand

Riding Za Zen Meditation is a one of a kind Meditation approach. Apart from learning the Art of Za Zen Meditation you will join bike & music festivals in Northern Thailand then continue our GOLDEN TRIANGLE ROUTE tour with local riders…


Riding Za Zen Meditation

8 days / 48 hours in December Chiang Mai, Thailand

Become a member and support/donate to collect medical evidences, how our SEN กาลทารี Ga-La-Ta-Lee (Kalathari) treatments impact the immune system and the contribution of major cells like “natural killer cells” and stem cells…

1 Check (PBMC Check)

600$ or 460€ or 15.5000฿ or 60.000¥

Leah Heta

Head of Happy Native Branch , New Zealand

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